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Incentive Program

The San Angelo PHA incentive program (Acquisition Homes) is available to residents without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or familial status, who have good rental history and want to move to units other than those they currently occupy. The tenant will occupy recently modernized and scattered site units through incentive transfers. No applicants shall be admitted directly to scattered site units. Depending on PHA’s vacant unit status, acquisition homes will be filled with incentive transfers, new applicants, or a combination of both. San Angelo PHA reserves the right to fill acquisition homes in a manner that has the least impact on vacant units. Resident requests for incentive transfers should be made to the Housing Counselor. Managers may also recommend a resident for an incentive transfer. In order for a resident to be considered for an incentive transfer, the following conditions must be met:

                (1) Reside in the San Angelo PHA development for at least two years

                (2) No repayment agreement or unpaid balance at any time in the past year

                (3) No history of disturbances that resulted in lease violations or violence toward staff or                                   neighbors as indicated by notices of lease violation in the applicant’s file.

                (4) Good housekeeping record

        No exceptions will be granted to the good record requirement for incentive transfers.