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Family Self-Sufficiency

Promoting Independence through Goal Setting and Personal Accomplishment

How would you like to earn thousands of dollars in a Money Market account without personally saving a cent? Families who participate in the FSS program will be provided opportunities for education and other various forms of assistance. The FSS Coordinator works with the families to establish goals to be accomplished and to help open doors to a new future.

Family Self-Sufficiency is a program designed to help ANYONE who is on the Section 8 program who is interested in eliminating their family’s dependence on the welfare system. Our goal is to help you obtain the training and education that you will need to take your place in mainstream society and to support your family WITHOUT GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE!!!

If this sounds like a good idea to you, take a minute and fill out this questionnaire. It will tell us how to contact you when the next FSS Orientation is being formed. Watch your mail for a note telling when the next orientation will start. So, remember to give your complete mailing address.


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