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Board Meetings

The Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of San Angelo will meet at the Housing Authority of San Angelo.  Regularly scheduled meetings shall take place at 12:00 P.M. on the fourth Wednesday of the month, on a quarterly basis (January, April, July and October) or at such other time as the Board of Commissioners shall agree. The upcoming year’s regularly scheduled meetings are listed below. Theses dates are subject to change. Changes and Agendas will be posted at minimum 72 hours prior to the meeting taking place.

1st Quarter 2/22/2023
2nd Quarter 4/26/2023
3rd Quarter 7/26/2023
4th Quarter 10/25/2023

Board Agenda

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Board Agenda

Previous Board Meeting Items

HASA Previous Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes


HASA Special Called Meeting 1-6-2022

HASA Board Meeting 1-26-2022

HASA Board Meeting 3-23-2022

HASA Board Meeting 6-22-2022

HASA Board Meeting 8-24-2022


Forest Park Community Previous Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes


FPC Special Called Board Meeting 1-6-2022

FPC Board Meeting 1-26-2022

FPC Board Meeting 3-23-2022

FPC Board Meeting 6-22-2022

FPC Board Meeting 8-24-2022